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"A bend in the road is not the end of the road…Unless you fail to make the turn."
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Publishing Internships with Deborah Kreiser - #K8chat Thursday 5/22 at 9pm EDT!


Publishing Internships with Deborah Kreiser – #K8chat Thursday 5/22 at 9pm EDT!

Designed by Mallory Rock and Ferisae

#K8chat is a weekly chat for authors AND readers. Every week we join together to talk about a new book/publishing topic, usually with an awesome special guest and prizes! #k8chat is held every Thursday at 9pm Eastern. You can check out our previous chats log on the #K8chat page.

This week on #K8chat I (@K8Tilton) will be joined guest Deborah Kreiser (@DeborahKreiser). If you have ever looked…

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Look at these goofy dogs shaking it in slow mo. 

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Anonymous asked: I've noticed a lot of people hate Adam or just dislike him, and truly I do not, despite his mistakes I can't make myself hate him. How do you feel about him?



I must admit that I like all of the characters in the Raven Cycle, even the very worstest.

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